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STIWELL Neurorehabilitation | user story: herniated disc


“I already received physiotherapy with electrical muscle stimulation via a STIWELL® rehabilitation & electrotherapy device in the hospital, immediately after my herniated disc surgery. The surgeon prescribed home therapy with STIWELL® to improve muscle strength and control in the extensors of my feet and toes, which were clearly lacking.

After only four weeks of using STIWELL®, the key functions were restored to such an extent that I was able to cope with everyday life without any risk of stumbling, and my muscles were visibly strengthened. I trained regularly (i.e. once or twice a day) on my own. In this phase, the therapy programme and the settings on the STIWELL® device were changed and adapted to my needs, depending on my healing progress. Due to my work-related travels, I could not undergo regular physiotherapy after my stay in hospital. Thus home therapy was a flexible and very suitable after-care option for me. 

I would also like to highlight the smooth prescription process, and the professional and attentive care provided by the STIWELL® therapy team. Therapy with STIWELL® was a very successful and practical way to treat the consequences of my illness. The further healing process will show whether another application of the STIWELL® device could be useful.”

STIWELL Neurorehabilitation | user story knee joint arthrosis


Nelly suffered from a long-term, painful knee osteoarthritis with a pronounced malalignment of her leg. After the successful implantation of a knee joint endoprosthesis, and the subsequent inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, STIWELL® electrical stimulation was used to significantly support the necessary muscle strengthening.

She reported:

“The device helped me to recover my leg muscles, which were weakened after knee surgery. It is a very convenient and easy-to-use device [...] I used it for a total of 4 weeks.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to use STIWELL®, and I would like to recommend it to other patients who have problems with muscle weakness.”

Some of the patients performed the therapy using the previous model from STIWELL®.
Our user stories are real events and therapy reports of our patients. Since it is our concern to protect them, we sometimes used Stock-photos upon request.