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STIWELL® accompanies the patient from early rehabilitation to therapy at home. Our Clinical Support will train you and your team directly in your facility or online.

Functional principle of FES | STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation

Functional principle of the functional electrical stimulation

The brain receives visual, proprioceptive, and motivational feedback. This can lead to a reorganisation of the patient's brain, and thus to its improved functionality.

Do you treat patients with neurological or orthopaedic diseases? If yes, then the STIWELL® electrotherapy device can provide specific support with respect to the rehabilitation of your patients.

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The comprehensive therapy concept

STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | inpatient & outpatient

Inpatient & outpatient

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) can be used for individual and group therapy in many neurological and orthopaedic fields. This includes acute, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation phases as well as therapy at home.

STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | individual & group therapy

Individual & group therapy

Everyday functions can be practised easily and effectively in individual and group therapy. FES can be combined with other modern forms of therapy. We offer therapy options tailored to your needs.

STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | home-based therapy

Home-based therapy

A physician can prescribe the STIWELL® for a fixed period. Once approved, the costs for rent and accessories may be fully covered, depending on the insurance company and the country you live in. Our trained team will handle all administrative tasks.
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STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | motivation through biofeedback

Motivation through biofeedback

The restoration of lost functions is supported by the use of STIWELL® biofeedback games. Varied, playful learning of movement sequences and visual feedback motivates patients to engage in daily training.

STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | STIWELL Academy & training

STIWELL® Academy & training

Benefit from the STIWELL® further education offer! The STIWELL® Academy aims to train physicians and therapists in functional electrical stimulation and keep them up to date with the latest research. Learn more via further training and courses, webinars, and our online refresher classes.
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STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | evidence & guidelines

Evidence & guidelines

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is recommended by international professional associations on the basis of the extensive evidence available. In cooperation with our Clinical Specialist Thomas Schick, MSc., we have collected recent studies on FES for different application areas and created an evidence journal.

Reports from physicians & therapists

The STIWELL® can be used for a variety of neurological & orthopaedic diseases. Physicians and therapists from various medical fields use functional electrical stimulation to treat their patients regularly.


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