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STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | user stories stroke



“I used STIWELL® for rehabilitation after a stroke ... I've been having therapy for 2 and a half years now, but STIWELL® has helped me a lot more in just 3 months. It's a great device and a sensational development ...”

stroke user stories

STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | user stories orthopaedics



“... The device helped me in the rehabilitation of my leg muscles, which were weakened by knee surgery ... I am grateful that I had the opportunity to use STIWELL® ...”

orthopaedics user stories

STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | user stories neural lesion

Neural lesion


“… I was using STIWELL® daily, and it stimulated my muscles so well that today - 5 months after the accident - I can lift my arm almost as high as before. This would not have been possible without STIWELL® ...”

neural lesion user stories

STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | user stories cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy


“… She now uses her right hand more purposefully and actively when playing. Her upper arm muscles are now much firmer than before. She was also well able to use the acquired functions in the gymnastics class in kindergarten ...”

cerebral palsy user stories

STIWELL® Neurorehabilitation | user stories facial nerve palsy

Facial nerve palsy


“After a total parotidectomy on the right, I had a post-operative peripheral facial nerve palsy ... After 3 months of (almost) daily use, my facial expressions, eyelid lowering, and mouth corner lift worked again so well that strangers could not notice …”

facial nerve palsy user stories

Some of the patients performed the therapy using the previous model from STIWELL®.
Our user stories are real events and therapy reports of our patients. Since it is our concern to protect them, we sometimes used Stock-photos upon request.