Julia describes how therapy with the STIWELL med4 motivated and successfully supported her after stroke.

“The STIWELL therapy was a great support after I had a stroke. In the beginning I could not move my arm and hand, and I was very happy when I regained some mobility in my hand after treatment with electrical current. It was a good feeling and I became very ambitious to keep fighting until my body would function all on its own again. Mobility slowly improved during therapy. Therapy was very helpful and felt good in my arm and hand, and a bit of normality was restored after such an experience.

Job-related training also worked out great and I had fun doing it. I was so happy to have had this therapy. It helped me a lot. I want to thank my great therapists who worked wonders with the STIWELL therapy.”

The video shows how Julia can lift her arm with the help of EMG-triggered multi-channel electrostimulation.