Foot drop


Willi describes how the STIWELL med4 helped him with his peroneus and tibialis lesion (weak dorsiflexion or foot drop) after varix surgery.

“After a varix surgery I developed a peroneus and tibialis lesion (weak dorsiflexion) about a year ago. Unfortunately, this weakness considerably affected walking.

The hospital in Innsbruck recommended the STIWELL med4 for home therapy. In the first 2-3 months I noticed hardly any improvement, but I did not give up hope and continued therapy twice daily according to my therapist’s instructions.

After a long 6 months I noticed a considerable improvement and today, one year later, I have hardly any problems walking. This improvement is due to the STIWELL med4 electrotherapy device. I would like to point out again that I practiced real hard twice a day for about one year!

I can recommend this device wholeheartedly!