Facial nerve paresis

A speech therapist says...

Speech therapist Jeannette Schulze talks about her experiences with the STIWELL med4 in cases of facial nerve paresis.

“At the rehabilitation centre Wilhelmshaven we treated patients with central and peripheral facial nerve paresis of different severity and duration of the illness with the STIWELL med4 in conjunction with therapy. We used the EMG Biofeedback with “PC Animation” 1-EMG-channel and 2-EMG-channel with and without electrical stimulation.

One patient with central facial nerve paresis (condition after stroke) was treated to improve coordination. The patient (74 years) tolerated the treatment very well.

In patients with peripheral incomplete facial nerve paresis mainly the eye muscles / eyelid closure could be improved. Increased and faster movement of the eyelid was observed directly after treatment.

The STIWELL med4 is a useful supplement to treat central and peripheral facial nerve paresis – even chronic pareses. Fast effects were observed mainly with regard to eyelid closure / eyelid movement. Generally, all patients tolerated treatment very well and showed interest and motivation during therapy.”