electrical stimulation device

The comprehensive therapy concept for neurological & orthopaedic diseases. The STIWELL® electrical stimulation device can be used to train movement sequences, e.g. after a stroke and other neurological diseases, as well as for therapy after accidents, surgery and illnesses.
STIWELL med4 | electrotherapy device



  • easy to operate
  • programme selection for home based therapy
  • creating and saving of individual programmes


  • conventional electrotherapy programmes
  • training programmes for functional movements
  • biofeedback games
  • EMG-triggered stimulation


  • 4 stimulation channels, 2 EMG-triggered measuring channels
  • rechargeable battery supply
  • low-frequency biphasic threshold currents; triangular (exponential) currents; trapezoid and square-wave currents
  • medium frequency


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  • Pre-defined therapy programmes

    A large number of predefined STIWELL® programmes guide you to the desired therapy solution. All pre-set parameters can be adjusted and saved individually.

  • Current forms & accessories

    In addition to stimulation with low-frequency biphasic threshold currents, the STIWELL® electrical stimulation device also allows triangular (exponential), trapezoid and square-wave currents as well as medium frequency.

    Self-adhesive, rubber, vaginal, anal electrodes and stimulation gloves/socks complete the range of accessories.

  • Therapeutic biofeedback training directly on the PC

    Biofeedback strengthens the therapeutic effect and simultaneously increases the motivation of the patient. The performed movement is supported by visual, sensory and acoustic feedback.

  • Versatile use: inpatient & outpatient

    Functional electrical stimulation can be used in every phase of rehabilitation and for every degree of severity of sensorimotor damage. This includes all phases from early or acute treatment to post-operative and outpatient home therapy.

Rent a STIWELL® for the duration of the treatment

Small, handy and easy to use with predefined programmes.

The therapy is only effective if you train regularly. The STIWELL® electrical stimulation device is handy and easy to use. Therefore, it is very suitable for home-based therapy. We offer patients the possibility to rent our devices for the duration of the treatment. We would be happy to inform you about the options in your country. (Currently, the STIWELL® electrical stimulation devices are only available in Europe.)

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