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The STIWELL Academy has the goal to train health practitioners and therapists on modern therapy methods of EMG-triggered multi-channel electrostimulation (EMG-MES). EMG-MES is one specification in the area of functional electrostimulation. Applications include neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Everyday and vocation-relevant movements can be specifically trained after, e.g., neurological diseases (stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, etc.). International guidelines state a high recommendation degree for functional electrostimulation in stroke treatment.

Our Clinical Specialist – Thomas Schick, MSc – has been working as a lecturer in this field for more than ten years. He has many years of experience as senior physiotherapist in various rehabilitation centres. "After many positive treatment results with EMG-triggered multi-channel electrostimulation in patients with central nervous damage, I developed a comprehensive concept of profound background and practical training for interested physicians and therapists."

Extend your knowledge with expert training and receive an overview of the current status of studies in this area – the STIWELL Academy supports your efforts!

Introductory Workshop

STIWELL med4 basics and application of functional electrostimulation

The STIWELL Introductory Workshop provides an introduction to the operation of the STIWELL med4. Participants will learn first practical examples of functional electrostimulation and receive an overview of therapy options with this form of treatment.

Therapy Workshop

Advanced theoretical and practical application of EMG-triggered multi-channel electrostimulation

The STIWELL Therapy Workshop is a half to full day of training. The workshop focuses on the practical application of EMG-triggered multi-channel electrostimulation including electrode attachment, case examples – optionally with patient – and theoretical background knowledge.

Certification Workshop

Comprehensive theoretical and practical application of EMG-triggered multi-channel electrostimulation

The STIWELL Certification Workshop is a two-day intensive training focusing on the use of EMG-triggered multi-channel electrostimulation in neurorehabilitation and practical applications. Case examples of patients, concepts of motor learning and evidence-based knowledge complete this combination of theoretical and practical training.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us for an individual appointment for a training session of your choice. Contact us.
STIWELL Webinars

STIWELL Webinars

In addition, we also offer online training (webinars) to increase and enhance your knowledge of EMG-triggered multi-channel electrostimulation. We are looking forward to your request and will contact you to discuss the exact topics of the webinar to meet your requirements. Contact us.