The comprehensive therapy concept for stroke, muscle weakness and incontinence

The STIWELL med4 is used to practice motion sequences after stroke and other neurological disorders such as traumatic brain injury (tbi) and cerebral palsy in infantile brain damage, and in the rehabilitation after accident, surgery and disease to build up muscles. In addition, the pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened by voluntary contraction and relaxation via biofeedback training in cases of incontinence.

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STIWELL med4 scope of application


Also for home use

Small, handy and easy to use with preset programmes

Regular training is the prerequisite for successful therapy. The STIWELL med4 is handy and easy to use and thus also suitable for home therapy. Your therapist will programme the device to suit your needs. The STIWELL med4 is used for inpatient and outpatient treatment and for home therapy.


Motivation is crucial

Relearn lost motion sequences in a playful way

Regular training requires motivation. Games increase motivation. They help you exercise over longer periods of time and make your therapy successful. Learn more about the

STIWELL Biofeedback therapy games

STIWELL Biofeedback therapy games

Successful therapy with state-of-the-art technology

EMG, biofeedback, EMG-triggered, multi-channel functional electrostimulation

STIWELL combines state-of-the-art technology with evidence-based therapies. Studies prove therapy successes. Biofeedback visually and acoustically confirms executed movements. Complex, everyday motion sequences, e.g. gripping an apple and lifting it to the mouth, can be practiced with functional electrostimulation (FES). 4 stimulation channels enable stimulation of up to four muscle groups. The motion sequence can be started voluntarily via EMG triggering.

EMG = Measurement of muscle activity
EMG-triggered = Measurement of muscle activity followed by electrostimulation

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STIWELL users report
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Stroke in children Electrotherapy

For the STIWELL med4 patients travel halfway around the world. Little Khloe from South Africa was born with hemiparesis. Electrotherapy was recommended to her mother as a treatment. Read more

Infantile brain damage Electrotherapy

Daniel, who suffers from tetraspasticity after infantile brain damage, used STIWELL Electrotherapy to strengthen his muscles and to improve muscle control. His mother talks about his progress...

Stroke Electrostimulation

Josef has had great success using the STIWELL med4 during physiotherapy after stroke.
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