Maria used the STIWELL med4 electrotherapy for the treatment of hereditary sensorimotor polyneuropathy.

“I have suffered from hereditary sensorimotor polyneuropathy for 24 years. I have had to use orthopaedic shoes for 14 years to support my legs and gait.

My physiotherapist told me about the STIWELL med4 electrostimulator. In those four weeks of rehabilitation my dynamic gait stability improved significantly. My foot became broader and muscle mass developed. Of course, there are also other factors at play. I do a lot of exercising and have several therapies each week.

I have had the STIWELL med4 stimulator for 1 ½ years for home therapy, as per my physician’s prescription. I use the device in 20-minutes walking sessions. My next goal is to see if I can activate the tibialis muscles in my feet and my toes.

I am so happy to have come across the STIWELL device." Maria