Neural lesion (axillary nerve)


Monika used the electrotherapy function of the STIWELL med4 after injury of the axillary nerve to regain mobility of her hand.

"After a complete tear in my rotator cuff, I had surgery to have it reattached. The axillary nerve was probably damaged during surgery. Since I am right-handed, I had to rely on help from other people and my family and almost became reliant on care. I could not lift my right hand, it was difficult to eat with my right hand, I could not write, do my hair, etc. Passive glenohumeral rotation was 30 degrees for abduction, 45 for external rotation and active rotation was 0 degrees each.

Following my rehabilitation, my health insurance granted me the STIWELL med4 electrostimulation device. I used it as often as possible. After about one month I noticed improved mobility of my hand. I could lift it over my head. Neural conductance speed was measured at that time and it appeared to have normalized.

I would like to point out that I am convinced that the STIWELL device played a major part in my rehabilitation, in that I could lift my hand again after a relatively short time and that the nerve has completely regenerated. I am sure that the remedial exercises I undertook also contributed to my healing process.”