Neural lesion (median nerve)


Bettina talks about her positive experiences with the STIWELL med4 electrotherapy for her broken humerus.

“I suffered a severed humerus (subcapital humerus fracture) after I fell from a horse onto a sharp edge. The surgeons applied the Humerus Block technique. Unfortunately, not only the median nerve but also other nerves of the brachial plexus were damaged. This became only obvious, however, when I started therapy – after removal of the Gilchrist bandage, and the therapy did not bring the desired results. I could not lift my arm – it felt paralyzed.

My physiotherapist mentioned the STIWELL med4 device which was then prescribed by the attending physician at the hospital. Health insurance covered the rental costs for 2 months. I constantly used the device for 2 months. The STIWELL team programmed it with a special “atrophy” programme and my physiotherapist explained where to place the electrodes to stimulate the right muscle groups.

An atrophied infraspinatus muscle and a very weakly innervated deltoid muscle made it impossible to reach abduction above 10 degrees. Until 2 months ago I could not lift my arm sideways or forward.

With daily stimulation of the muscles with the STIWELL med4 I can now – 5 months after the accident – lift my arm almost as high as before. This would certainly not have been possible without this device – thank you, dear STIWELL team!”