Neural lesion (neck)


Neural lesion (neck) Electrotherapy

Benjamin talks about the easy-to-use electrotherapy with the STIWELL med4 after a road accident.

“My name is Benjamin and I was involved in a road accident, which resulted in several torn nerves in my neck. In addition, a broken clavicle caused severe damage to the neural center in my left shoulder. As a consequence I could no longer move my left arm except for my hand. Nerve reconstruction surgery did not improve mobility. This resulted in massive amyotrophy in the left arm and upper part of the body. Even several months of electrotherapy did not bring the desired results.

When I changed my therapist I became aware of the STIWELL electrostimulation device. The massive amyotrophy stopped only a few weeks after starting therapy with the STIWELL device.

In combination with regular physiotherapy I have noticed a slight improvement in muscle development and posture over the past three years. In addition, muscle pain and cramps resulting from the malposition of my upper body have been considerably reduced.

After 3 years of electrotherapy with the STIWELL device I am still confident that my condition will continue to improve with the help of this device.”