Foot drop


Markus talks about successful application of the STIWELL med4 electrotherapy after spinal disk surgery.

“I got in contact with the STIWELL department at MED-EL following spinal disk surgery. At the clinic I was told about an electrostimulator which could be used at home in addition to standard therapy (e.g. remedial gymnastics) to improve existing weaknesses in the muscles of my operated foot.

After a thorough training on the STIWELL med4 electrostimulator I went home. Since that day I have consequently and regularly used the device and have noticed the following improvements:

  • Improved gait
  • Improved stability of the leg muscles
  • Sensitization of the skin
  • Improved sensation when rolling the foot from heel to toe
  • Improved skin sensation
  • Walking up- or downhill significantly improved
  • Able to walk without sticks
  • Relatively stable when standing on one foot
  • Improved sensation of the nerves in the skin
  • Improved feeling in the ankle and foot arch

I will continue to regularly use the STIWELL med4 electrostimulator in order to improve even further.”
Best regards, Markus