Foot drop


Helga talks about her positive experiences with the STIWELL med4 electrotherapy for peroneus lesion after hip surgery.

"Unfortunately, I suffered from a peroneus lesion in my right foot after hip surgery.

On the day after the surgery I already started with excellent physiotherapy and electrotherapy. As healing of my peroneus nerve required muscle strengthening and current pulses for denervated muscles, I was trained on the STIWELL med4 device. So I was familiar with the device after my rehabilitation and could continue using electrostimulation at home. Since then I have used the STIWELL med4 device daily.

Sensibility returned step by step from the knee down to the toes. Muscle function and gait also improved slowly. My goal was to be able to walk securely and lead an independent life and I reached my goal with physiotherapy and the STIWELL med4 device.

I will continue using the STIWELL med4 device every day and am hoping for continued improvement.

I would also like to thank the very competent and extremely reliable and friendly STIWELL team in Innsbruck for their support.

Best regards,