Facial nerve paresis


Anna shares her successful experience with the STIWELL med4 for the treatment of hemiplegia and facial nerve paresis after the surgical removal of a head tumor.

“My name is Anna and I had a head tumor. I had surgery and after that my right side was paralyzed, hand, foot, face, etc. First I was in a wheelchair and depended completely on help. I could not do anything alone.

After a long time in the clinic, my therapy also included work with the STIWELL med4 stimulator. First, we only used it for the hand, then also for the face. I improved visibly. My muscle tone and movements became better. The STIWELL device was also prescribed for home use and I use it daily. It greatly supports my recovery.

After rehabilitation as an inpatient it was also used with my right leg to improve the foot extensor and flexor muscles. After prolonged use I noticed that I could move my ankle much better and with less pain.

I continue to have physiotherapy, ergotherapy and speech therapy and this device is a big help. It contributes considerably to further therapy. I have used the STIWELL device for more than 3 years and it continues to help me with my therapy. I can wholeheartedly recommend it.”