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Muscle weakness

Muscle weakness

Symptoms and causes of muscle weakness

The human body has far more than 600 muscles to be able to move and exert force. Muscle weakness is a lack of functional muscle strength.

Muscle mass decreases with age and, consequently, muscle strength also decreases proportionally every year. There is a number of other causes of muscular atrophy and decreasing muscle strength, e.g. after accident (cast), surgery or disease and in cases of muscle denervation.

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Treatment and therapy of muscle weakness (muscle strengthening)

In cases of muscle weakness it is important to prevent and/or counteract muscle atrophy with individual treatments and therapies. Different therapy methods can remove the causes of muscle weakness. Muscle weakness may, however, also be caused by a disorder with the therapy treating only the symptoms. The underlying disorder remains.

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This article contains only general information and must not be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. This information does not replace medical advice.